Libya (21 Aug. 20)


The statements issued by the head of the Presidency Council and the chairman of the House of Representatives notably calling for an immediate ceasefire, an end to the military operations in Libya and the resumption of oil production are a positive step. They must be implemented on the ground.

France calls on all parties to effectively implement the cessation of hostilities and engage in good faith in efforts to conclude a lasting ceasefire agreement, that will lead, through reciprocal, credible and verifiable steps, to a resumption of the political process and an end to all foreign interference in Libya. France also calls on the parties to continue their efforts to allow the resumption of oil production and the transparent allocation of its revenue as soon as possible.

There can be no military solution in Libya. That is why France calls for a return to the political process under UN auspices on the basis of the parameters agreed upon by the Libyan people in order to pave the way for the holding of elections. This notably involves the reunification of Libya’s institutions and the economic and security reforms needed to ensure the country’s stabilization.