Libya – Sanctions imposed on Ibrahim Jadhran (12.09.18)


France welcomes the adoption by the UN Security Council on September 12 of individual sanctions against Libyan national Ibrahim Jadhran, who caused serious harm to Libya’s prosperity and stability as a result of the armed attacks that he led, notably against the LNA forces ensuring the security of the oil crescent.

France reaffirms that the oil resources, which are vital for Libya, must remain under the exclusive control of the legitimate National Oil Corporation and the sole oversight of the Government of National Accord, for the benefit of all Libyans, in a spirit of integrity and equity.

France supports all initiatives within the framework of UN mediation which contribute to inter-Libyan reconciliation and the country’s stabilization. As such, it will continue to support, together with its various partners, the adoption of sanctions against individuals and entities that pose a threat to Libya’s peace, stability and security and which obstruct the political process and do not comply with the bans on illegal crude and refined oil exports, in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions 2146 (2014), 2174 (2014), 2213 (2015) and 2259 (2015).

This progress reflects the efforts of the international community to support the work of Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General Ghassan Salamé to implement a political solution in accordance with the commitments made in Paris on May 29 by the key Libyan actors.

Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Serraj and the Italian foreign minister expressed doubts yesterday about the holding of elections on December 10. Do you think that the calendar is still realistic given the security context?

France is convinced that the only way to ensure the long-term stabilization of Libya is through a political solution, under UN authority. This is the goal of the road map set out by Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General Ghassan Salamé and the purpose of the commitments made in Paris on May 29 by the key Libyan actors. It also reflects the determination of the Libyan people, who turned out in overwhelming numbers to register to vote.

France will continue, together with its partners, to support the efforts of the Libyan authorities and the UN to keep the political process moving and in particular to ensure the conditions for the holding of elections by the end of the year.