Libya - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (23.08.18)


Q – What do you think of the Italian initiative supported by the United States on holding a conference on the stabilization of Libya?

A – We have noted with interest the intention of Italy – a major partner with respect to Libya – to hold an international conference that would follow the one that took place in Paris.

France is convinced that only a political solution under the auspices of the UN will make it possible to stabilize Libya in the long term. That is the purpose of the roadmap put forward by the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative Ghassan Salamé, who has our full support.

It calls for the adoption of a new constitution with a view to holding presidential and legislative elections, whose timetable was established and agreed upon by the main Libyan actors at the Paris conference on May 29, in the presence of the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative and the international community, before being endorsed by the Security Council.

France supports all UN-brokered initiatives that open the way to inter-Libyan reconciliation and the country’s stabilization.