Libya - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (23.05.19)


Q: Has there been any progress following yesterday’s meeting between President Macron and Field Marshal Haftar?

A: In light of the ongoing clashes in Tripoli, France is speaking resolutely to all the Libyan stakeholders, urging them to accept a ceasefire and resume political negotiations. It was in this spirit that President Macron hosted Field Marshal Haftar yesterday after meeting with Prime Minister Sarraj on May 8.

We asked Field Marshal Haftar to ensure the protection of civilians and to work toward the establishment of a ceasefire and the resumption of political negotiations. We reaffirmed our priorities: combating terrorist groups; dismantling networks of traffickers, especially those linked to clandestine migration; and bringing about long-term stability in Libya.

The Libyan stakeholders repeatedly agreed that the solution could only be political. That is why France will continue working with its partners, especially the Europeans, to ensure that the Libyan stakeholders implement the commitments taken at various international meetings in France, Italy, and more recently the United Arab Emirates.