Libya - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (14.02.18)


Q - Since Monday, Libyan personalities have been meeting in Geneva to make peace and bring the views of the various actors involved in the crisis there closer together. What do you think about that? Do you believe that at this point, when attacks and violence have been on the rise in Libya, the plan to resolve the crisis put forward by Special Representative Ghassan Salamé last September is deadlocked or not?

A- France reaffirms its support for UN Special Representative Ghassan Salamé’s action plan to reach a political solution. It was endorsed by the Security Council. Everything must be done to meet the goal of holding a national conference in the near future and to hold general elections in 2018.

France fully supports the UN Special Representative’s efforts and is pleased to note the Libyan people’s interest in registering to vote. The number of registered voters has now surpassed 2.3 million.

France stands alongside the Libyan people in their fight against terrorism and assures them of its support in achieving an inclusive political solution that will make it possible to strengthen institutions and to unify the armed forces under a civilian authority.