Libya - Q & A from the daily press briefing (04.10.16)


Q - What was the outcome of the Meeting for Libya? Did the participating countries agree on a road map that would allow the Libyan government to lead the army and exploit oil resources?

A - As Jean-Marc Ayrault said yesterday on TV5 Monde, “We hope Mr. Sarraj’s national unity government will be successful. At the UN General Assembly, the international community reiterated its support for that national unity government. But at the same time, we see there are internal difficulties in bringing Libyans together.”

The minister therefore expressed the wish that “Prime Minister Sarraj offer new proposals to expand his government” and have it “include all Libyan political forces and all Libyan regions.”

With respect to oil resources, he stated that “oil resources must be under the authority of Mr. Sarraj’s government and this money must be used to develop Libya and to benefit the Libyan people.”