Libya - Humanitarian aid (August 8, 2016)


France has decided to step up its humanitarian aid to Libya with a new €450,000 subsidy . This subsidy will help strengthen the material assistance and technical support for Libyan hospitals and other medical facilities.

Furthermore, in response to the needs expressed by the Libyan authorities, and in cooperation with them and the World Health Organization, France and Germany have decided to ship additional medicine to that country. This follows a shipment to Tripoli during the joint visit by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development Jean-Marc Ayrault and German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter last April, as well as a previous French donation.

At a time when forces loyal to the government are engaged in a brave and ferocious battle against Daesh and terrorism in Libya, particularly in Sirte, France has also decided to demonstrate its support by funding a surgical team in Tunisia to treat wounded fighters.