Libya - Adoption of individual European sanctions (April 1, 2016)


On March 31, the European Union imposed sanctions on Nuri Abu Sahmain, Khalifa Ghwell, and Aguila Saleh.

These measures target those Libyan high officials because they have repeatedly committed and ordered acts intended to impede the progress of the UN-backed political process in Libya.

France actively encouraged the adoption of targeted sanctions, because it is unacceptable for a few individuals to stand in the way of Libya’s political transition and thereby hold the country hostage.

With the arrival of Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj and several members of the Presidential Council in Tripoli, the implementation of these measures comes at a critical time. France calls on all Libyan institutions to serve this government in order to meet the needs of the Libyan people, in line with the Skhirat agreement and Security Council resolution 2259 (2015).

The measures adopted today are an important first step in support of the national unity government. We are ready to consider, if necessary, the possibility of expanding the sanctions list to other individuals keeping the government from taking office and thereby jeopardizing the unity, security and stability of Libya and its neighbors.