Lebanon - Statement by the Spokesperson of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs (23 September 2020)


France welcomes the courageous statement by Mr Saad Hariri, which demonstrates his sense of responsibility and of Lebanon’s national interest. This statement represents an opening-up whose importance everyone must appreciate so that a mission government can now be established. This is what the Lebanese people expect, as do Lebanon’s international partners and all those who, in good faith, want to come to its aid at this critical time. France therefore calls on all Lebanese political leaders to honour the commitments they themselves made to the French President on 1 September, with the sole aim of meeting Lebanon’s urgent needs.

France will continue to stand by Lebanese people, in coordination with its European and international partners, and will ensure that the conditions for international support to Lebanon are properly observed at every stage.

France encourages Mr Mustapha Adib to form a mission government as quickly as possible, made up of independent, competent figures he has chosen himself.