Lebanon - Statement by Jean-Yves Le Drian, Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs (10 Aug. 2020)


France has learned of the resignation of the Lebanese government. It fully appreciates the gravity of the situation in which Lebanon finds itself and the need to respond swiftly to the expectations of its people.

Beyond the emergency caused by the explosion of August 4, following which France and the UN convened Lebanon’s international partners at the initiative of President Macron, it is now crucial that the aspirations expressed by the Lebanese on reforms and governance be heard.

With that in mind, priority must be given to the swift formation of a government that proves its effectiveness and whose mission is to meet the main challenges facing the country, especially the rebuilding of Beirut and the reforms without which the country is heading toward an economic, social and political collapse. At this difficult point in its history, France stands with Lebanon, as it always has.