Lebanon – Saad Hariri named Prime Minister – Statement by Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault (November 3, 2016)


I offer my warmest congratulations to Saad Hariri, who on November 3 was named Prime Minister of the Lebanese Republic, and send him my best wishes for success in the task entrusted in him.

Lebanon is entering a new stage that may bring an end to the institutional crisis the country has experienced for more than two years.

Ending the crisis calls for the swift formation of a unity government, which is vital to enabling Lebanon to meet its challenges and allowing the international community to better help the country, particularly on the economic, humanitarian and security levels.

I therefore encourage all Lebanese parties to work to this end, demonstrating responsibility and a willingness to compromise in the overriding interests of the country.

For France, Lebanon has always been a friend and remains a model of pluralism and tolerance in the region. France attributes great importance to that country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity, and will provide it with its full support. It will continue to do play a role in the international community’s efforts. We are also continuing the efforts we have made throughout our shared history to strengthen strong close ties in every area between France and Lebanon.