Lebanon - Q&A from the press briefing (8 April 2021)


Q : Lebanese President Michel Aoun said that the Lebanese Finance Ministry and the Central Bank are deliberately obstructing the forensic audit to make sure that those responsible for illegally withdrawing funds from bank accounts outside the country go unpunished. He emphasized that the failure of the Central Bank audit is a harsh blow to the French initiative to resolve the crisis in Lebanon. How are you responding to this situation?

A : As the Minister reminded the Senate yesterday, the prolongation of the crisis in Lebanon is the result of deliberate obstruction by Lebanese political forces that are refusing to agree on the composition of a government. This obstruction must stop. All Lebanese political stakeholders without exception are expected to allow Lebanon to end the crisis. The Bank of Lebanon audit must be effectively completed, and the same holds true for all the reforms desired by the Lebanese people.

In light of this situation, President Macron and the Minister informed leading Lebanese officials that France would not hesitate to take action against those who are abandoning the general interest to benefit their own interests. We continue to stand with the Lebanese people and work with those who offer the country hope and a future.