Lebanon - Q&A from the press briefing (18 Jun. 20)


Q: Do you have any response to the increase in tensions and violence in Lebanon?

A: France is concerned by the sharp deterioration in the economic and social situation in Lebanon. In the wake of the violence that has taken place over the last few days, all parties must avoid any provocation and ensure the rights of Lebanese citizens to demonstrate peacefully.

The increasing number of incidents forces the Lebanese authorities to assume its responsibilities, primarily with respect to responding to the legitimate aspirations of the Lebanese people and immediately implementing the reforms necessary to ensure the country’s recovery, in accordance with the commitments made during the meeting of the International Support Group in Paris on December 11. It is up to the government and all Lebanese political stakeholders to assume their responsibilities by placing the interests of the Lebanese people above all other concerns. France and the international community can only lend their support to Lebanon’s recovery if the Lebanese authorities take the concrete measures that are long overdue.

France reaffirms its attachment to the sovereignty, stability and security of Lebanon, which must be disassociated from the regional crises. It is with this in mind that France supports the work of UNIFIL and calls for full compliance with the decisions of the UN Security Council, notably resolutions 1559 and 1701.

On this basis, France stands ready, together with its partners to support Lebanon. France stands alongside the Lebanese people today and at all times.