Lebanon - Q&A (20 May 2022)


Q: The elections in Lebanon unfolded amid relative calm.

  • Have you had any feedback from the EU delegation of election observers about supposed fraud?
  • What will France’s next step be, given that the balance of power is nearly equal, presaging a parliamentary deadlock?

A: With regard to Lebanon’s legislative elections, held on May 15, please consult the statement we issued on May 17. As we emphasized, this is an important step for Lebanon in light of the serious crisis that has prevailed in that country for more than two years now.

The EU’s election observation mission presented its initial conclusions on May 17 in Beirut. It pointed to several irregularities and incidents. We deplored the incidents and irregularities reported by the observation mission and called for a thorough investigation.

The gravity of the crisis in Lebanon demands urgent measures. France encourages the Lebanese authorities to appoint a Prime Minister without delay and to form a new government in order to take the measures necessary to the country’s recovery, based on the framework agreement signed with the International Monetary Fund. The Lebanese people have the right to expect their leaders to act responsibly and to provide practical solutions to the difficulties they face on a daily basis.

France will continue to stand with the Lebanese people, as it always has done.