Israel - Lebanon - Agreement between Israel and Lebanon on the delimitation of the maritime border - Press release by the Presidency of the French Republic (Paris, 15 October 2022)


On the occasion of the agreement between Israel and Lebanon on the delimitation of the maritime border between the two countries, President Macron held a phone call with the Israeli Prime Minister, Mr Yair Lapid, the President of the Lebanese Republic, General Michel Aoun, and the Lebanese Prime Minister, Mr Najib Mikati, on Saturday, 15 October 2022.

President Macron congratulated all three on their efforts and their determination, which made this historic agreement possible. He also commended the mediation of the United States. This is unquestionably a significant step towards peace for Israel, Lebanon and all the countries and peoples of the region. It will contribute to the stability of the Middle East and the security of Israel and Lebanon.

This agreement, which will enable exploration and development of the gas resources off the Lebanese and Israeli coasts, is also expected to contribute to both countries’ prosperity.

It is an example for the region, and of what good can come from a shared desire to achieve a result, in the framework of rigorous and respectful negotiations.

The Israeli Prime Minister, as well as President Aoun and the Lebanese Prime Minister, thanked the French Head of State for his contribution and that of France to the concluding of this agreement, in the interest of the two friendly countries that Israel and Lebanon are for France.

During the conversation, President Macron expressed that it now fell to each of them to implement this historic agreement. France will play its part fully, with confidence in its partners.

Source: website of the Presidency of the Republic