Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan – Visit by Olivier Becht (May 2-6, 2023)


Olivier Becht, Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade, Economic Attractiveness and French Nationals Abroad, attached to the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, will be in Kazakhstan from May 2 to 4 and in Uzbekistan from May 4 to 6. He will be accompanied by some 20 entrepreneurs.

Mr. Becht’s visit to Kazakhstan follows the meeting that President Macron and President Tokayev had in France at the beginning of November. He will work to strengthen cooperation between our two countries, particularly in the economic arena. France and Kazakhstan, which have been strategic partners for 15 years, have a relationship characterized by friendship and solid trust and have extensive economic ties in manufacturing, energy, food production and transportation. In addition to these traditional areas of cooperation, the minister will work to promote the emergence of new partnerships in health, agriculture and the energy transition – sectors at the heart of the economic road map signed by the two countries in 2021.

Mr. Becht’s visit to Uzbekistan follows the meeting that President Macron and President Mirziyoyev had in France at the end of November. He will meet with his counterparts to discuss the implementation of some 30 economic agreements that were signed during President Mirziyoyev’s visit to France, particularly in the areas of renewable energies, urban services and tourism. Given that Uzbekistan wants to expand cooperation with European nations, Mr. Becht will urge French companies, particularly small- and medium-sized businesses, to develop partnerships in that country.