Middle East peace process - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (18.07.17)


Q - France is ready to support “all diplomatic initiatives.” Is the international initiative launched by Paris last year still one of the options or has it been permanently shelved?

A - President Macron underscored that “France is now convinced of the need to relaunch a strong and credible political momentum,” which will help the parties to renew the dialogue process and help them resume and conclude a political process.

It is with this in mind that he received Mahmoud Abbas on July 15 and Benjamin Netanyahu on July 16 in Paris. France, whose commitment to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is unwavering, will continue to mobilize its efforts in support of initiatives in this direction and will be involved in them. The conclusions of the meeting in January 2017 in Paris, which underscored the need for a two-state solution, must therefore be taken into account in the international community’s efforts to promote Middle East peace, and France will ensure that this happens.