Israel - Situation of Salah Hamouri - (28 Oct. 2021)


Q: On October 18, French-Palestinian lawyer Salah Hamouri was notified that his status as a resident of Jerusalem – the city where he was born and where he lives – had been revoked. The reason given by the Israeli authorities was his “breach of allegiance” to Israel. Since Israel’s annexation of East Jerusalem in 1967 (illegal under international law), the Palestinians who live there are considered “permanent residents” just like other foreigners. For years now, Salah Hamouri has been a target of the Israeli regime, as you know. His wife and children can’t live with him or come to see him. You have always said you are “following the case closely” and at the highest level, but this procedure was initiated by the Israeli Interior Ministry more than a year ago. Apart from issuing statements, what do you intend to do in practical terms to prevent Salah Hamouri’s expulsion and force Israel to comply with international law, as you do on a regular basis with other countries?

A: The Israeli Interior Ministry confirmed the decision to revoke Salah Hamouri’s status as a permanent resident of Jerusalem.

The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs’ offices in Paris, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are fully committed to ensuring that Salah Hamouri can assert all of his rights and live a normal life in Jerusalem, where he resides.