Israel/Palestinian Territories - Projet Pegasus - Q&A (10 Nov 21)


Q: Front Line Defenders has denounced the use of Pegasus, the NSO Group’s spyware, against eminent Palestinian figures including Salah Hamouri, a French citizen. Will France join the United States in taking measures against the NSO Group’s practices? Do you have any information on those in charge of spying on these Palestinian figures, all of whom are connected with six organizations that Israel placed on a terrorist list?

R: With respect to NSO, as we have said before, the facts that have been reported, if true, are extremely serious. France has ordered investigations into their veracity. As they are still under way, we cannot comment further on this subject.

France has in fact expressed its concern over the Israeli authorities’ designation of six Palestinian humanitarian and human rights NGOs as terrorist organizations. NGOs must be able to continue operating in an environment that is conducive to their work. We are seeking clarifications from the Israeli authorities.