Gaza – Rocket fire (13 November 2019)


France deplores the escalation under way in Gaza. It condemns the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip that have been targeting residential areas within Israel since yesterday. It reiterates that attacks deliberately targeting civilians are contrary to international humanitarian law.

France reaffirms the right of both Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace, dignity, and security, and deplores the civilian victims on both sides. It expresses its solidarity with the affected populations.

France calls on the parties to show restraint and reminds them of their obligations to protect civilians and abide by international humanitarian law. It supports the mediation efforts conducted by the Special Coorinator for the Peace Process, N. Mladenov, as well as those by Egypt.

France reiterates that there will be no lasting stability in Gaza without the return of the Palestinian Authority and without lifting the blockade, along wtih credible security guarantees for Israel.

Q: What’s your comment on clashes between Israel and the Islamic Jihad?

A: I refer you to my statement today.