Israel/Palestinian territories – Situation in the Gaza Strip


In the Gaza Strip, MSF medical staff has reported “seeing patients with unusually severe injuries, many of which are extremely complex to treat. Such serious injuries will leave many of these patients with long-term physical disabilities.” Injuries caused by real bullets from Israeli army snipers. These teams “note that the injuries include destruction of bones and soft tissue, as well as large exit wounds that can be the size of a fist.” On the 20th, another four Palestinians were killed. A fifth succumbed to his wounds this morning. That brings to 39 the number of demonstrators killed since March 30, when the “Great Return March” movement began. What does France plan on doing in concrete terms, not just in words, to stop this weekly massacre that continues while the world remains silent?

President Macron shared his concern over the situation in Gaza during his telephone conversation on April 21 with the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. It is imperative to end the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip by ending the blockade and lifting restrictions, as well as through credible security guarantees for Israel.

Once again, France condemns the indiscriminate firing by the Israeli army on demonstrators in Gaza and deplores the five latest deaths in the past few days.

We reiterate our demand for restraint on the part of the concerned authorities and for a proportionate use of force consistent with international humanitarian law. We remind them of the duty to protect civilians, particularly minors, and of the Palestinians’ right to demonstrate peacefully.

France will continue its efforts to achieve a negotiated solution between Israelis and Palestinians, the only way to return to the path of peace.