Israel – Palestinian Territories – New decisions to build homes in Israeli settlements (31 May 2018)


France condemns the decisions made by the Israeli authorities to allow the construction of almost 2,000 homes in 30 different settlements in the West Bank, specifically the decision relating to 92 homes close to the E1 area, an especially sensitive area which, as the Council of the European Union has repeatedly reaffirmed, threatens the very possibility of a viable and contiguous Palestinian state, with Jerusalem as the capital of both states. This decision confirms the concerns raised by the demolition orders issued against Bedouin communities in this area.

Settlement activity is contrary to international law, as reaffirmed by UNSCR 2334. In all of its forms, it promotes the de facto annexation of the West Bank, hinders the two-state solution and undermines the search for just and lasting peace. It also increases tensions on the ground and between populations.

For all these reasons, President Macron called, on December 22, for an end to settlement activity in order to preserve a credible political horizon.

France’s priority is to endeavor to preserve the two-state solution and to help bring about the resumption of critical negotiations.