Israel – Detention of Salah Hamouri (23 August 2018)


It has now been a year since Salah Hamouri, a French national, was detained by the Israeli authorities. France remains concerned by his continued administrative detention, which has been extended to September 30.

President Macron and the minister for Europe and foreign affairs have discussed our compatriot’s situation with the Israeli prime minister on several occasions. They requested that he be released from administrative detention, which prevents him from being informed of the charges against him. They also requested that all of his rights be upheld and that his family, especially his wife and son, be able to visit him. These requests are being discussed on an ongoing basis with the Israeli authorities with a view to ensuring their implementation.

Pending his release, Salah Hamouri will continue to benefit from the consular protection provided for under the Vienna Convention, according to which he has been able to receive regular visits by the French consular authorities since the start of his detention. We reiterate our request that all his rights be upheld.