Iraq - Visit by M. André Vallini (18-22 July 2016)


André Vallini, Minister of State for Development and Francophony, is in Iraq to renew France’s political, military and humanitarian support for that country.

On 19 July Mr Haider al-Abadi, Prime Minister of Iraq, hosted a meeting with the Minister of State, who emphasized to him France’s wish to stand alongside his country in its efforts to combat Daesh, achieve national reconciliation and assist civilians.

Two weeks after the terrible attack in Karrada, which plunged Iraq into mourning, he told him of our country’s full solidarity with the Iraqi people, who are confronted with terrorism every day. The French armed forces are taking part, alongside the Iraqis and in the international coalition, in the battle against Daesh.

M. Vallini will meet French service personnel from Operation Chammal. He will also have a meeting with the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch of Babylon, Louis Raphaël I Sako, to whom he will reiterate France’s support for all those persecuted by Daesh.

He will then go to Iraqi Kurdistan, where he will meet the region’s authorities, which are heavily involved in the fight against the terrorist group.

The Minister of State will visit several humanitarian projects supported by France, in particular helping people who have been the victims of ethnic and religious violence. Among other things, he will inaugurate the school in the displaced people’s camp of Bardarash which educates more than 2,000 children, mostly from the Shabak minority.