Iraq - The Liberation of Mosul (10 July 2017)


The Iraqi city of Mosul has been taken back from the Daesh terrorist organization, after long and difficult fighting.

The President of the French Republic, Mr Emmanuel Macron, welcomes this victory of the Iraqi security forces supported by the International Coalition against Daesh and congratulates the authorities and people of the Republic of Iraq.

The recapture of Mosul is a major advance in the campaign fought since summer 2014 to stop and defeat Daesh. Today, France’s thoughts go out to all those in Iraq who have sacrificed their lives to defend freedom in the face of the horror of terrorism, including members of the Iraqi security forces, Peshmergas and volunteers. They also go out to the civilian populations who had to endure Daesh’s repression and the violence of the fighting.

The President of the Republic has a particular message for the French forces in the Coalition – aviators, gunners, trainers and sailors – whose support for the Iraqi security forces and the Peshmergas enabled the success of the operations that have been carried out in Mosul since the autumn.

The International Coalition’s campaign is not over, and the fight against Daesh must be continued with determination. The liberation of all Iraqi territory is underway, as is the elimination of Daesh strongholds in Syria, particularly in Raqqa and in the Euphrates valley. France’s military effort will continue. The fight against terrorists will also continue with the greatest determination wherever they are, including in our national territory.

Following the recapture of Mosul, Iraq faces immense challenges, be they military, political, humanitarian or economic. Many issues still need to be tackled, both by political decision-makers and Iraqi society, through responsible choices. The future of both Iraq and the wider region depends on the right choices being made along with the continued fight against the terrorist threat. The President of the Republic hopes that the victory in Mosul will mark the beginning of a new page in Iraq’s history, enabling the restoration of peace, stability and unity. France will be at its side.

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