Iraq - Q&A - From the press briefing (29 November 2019)


Q: What is your response following the death of at least 45 demonstrators at the hands of the Iraqi security forces on Thursday in Nasiriyah, Najaf et Baghdad, while the Iranian consulate was attacked and set on fire?

A: France strongly condemns the excessive and disproportionate use of force against demonstrators in Baghdad and in the towns in the south, notably in Nasiriyah, which left dozens of people dead and many others injured.

France reaffirms its attachment to the right to demonstrate peacefully and calls on all parties to refrain from any act of violence that could jeopardize the democratic future to which the Iraqi people aspire.

France condemns the intimidation and pressure exerted on civil society, especially journalists and human rights defenders, and calls on all actors to initiate without delay an inclusive democratic dialogue.

France continues to support and assist Iraq, its authorities and the Iraqi people at this critical time for the democratic future of the country.