Iraq - Q&A from the press briefing (12 March 2020)


Q: What is your response to the death of two American soldiers and one British soldier as a result of rocket attacks at the Iraqi military base in Taji?

A: France strongly condemns the attack against the Taji military base in Iraq which killed and seriously injured several military personnel deployed within the framework of the Global Coalition against Daesh. It extends its condolences to all of its partners affected within the Global Coalition against Daesh and assures them of its wholehearted solidarity in the face of these unacceptable attacks. France calls on the Iraqi authorities to take measures to identify the perpetrators of these attacks and prevent any future attacks.

France reaffirms its determination to continue to actively participate in the Global Coalition against Daesh which is taking action in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi authorities and in support of the Iraqi security forces. The coalition’s continued action is vital in order to safeguard the progress made after five years of combating Daesh and to ensure a lasting victory over this terrorist group.

France reaffirms its attachment to Iraq’s stability and sovereignty.