Iraq - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (20.10.17)


Q - The UN published a report documenting the looting and burning of dozens of homes belonging to Kurds in Diyala Province and certain parts of Kirkuk. The Kurdish authorities say 100,000 people have fled Kirkuk since the return of the Iraqi authorities, and this morning there were clashes between Kurds and government forces. What is Paris doing to defuse the situation?

A - We are in close contact with the authorities in Baghdad and those of the Kurdish regional government.

We ask the federal government to exercise restraint and fully respect the legitimate rights of the Kurds.

We ask the regional government of Kurdistan to engage in dialogue within the Iraqi constitutional framework.

We are working to get the UN Security Council to adopt a statement underscoring the need for a rapid resumption of dialogue in order to end the crisis in a way that preserves Iraq’s unity and integrity and is in keeping with its Constitution.

Based on the later, we are ready to contribute to any effort to ease tensions, especially those conducted by the UN, and to seek a political solution in Iraq.