Iraq - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (10.07.17)


Q - After the fall of Mosul, what in your view are the priorities to be implemented? Do you think the Abadi government has enough latitude and influence to impose an “inclusive” political solution in Iraq?

A - The liberation of Mosul represents a major victory over Daesh. Nevertheless, portions of Iraqi territory still remain under the terrorist organization’s control, particularly in Tal Afar, Hawija, and Anbar province. France will continue offering its full support to Iraq in its effort to definitively defeat the terrorist organization, while abiding by international humanitarian law and particularly the protection of civilians.

The French Presidency, which on July 9 hailed the courage of Iraqi forces supported by the international coalition against Daesh, expressed the hope that this victory would open a new page in Iraq’s history and enable it to regain peace, stability and unity.

That will require responding to urgent humanitarian, economic, and political situations. We will continue to provide our full support to Iraq and to Mr. Al-Abadi’s government to help it meet the challenges it is facing, in line with the Paris conference of October 20 on the stabilization of Mosul.