Iraq – Elections (12 October 2021)


France applauds the calm and well-organized Iraqi legislative elections on October 8 and 10, which unfolded with no major security incidents.

France congratulates the Iraqi authorities and Iraqi people who mobilized to ensure that voters could exercise their right to cast their ballots.

France has long been committed to ensuring that, in keeping with the Iraqi government’s request, the UN and EU provide election assistance and monitoring. It hails the work and commitment of those organizations and their observers on the ground.

France hopes that these elections will lead to the swift formation of a government to meet the challenges facing the country and the expectations of the Iraqi people. Following on from the Baghdad conference on August 28 and President Macron’s visit to Iraq, France reaffirms its commitment to its strategic relationship with that country and to the deepening of their partnership, as well as to Iraq’s role in regional balance and regional dialogue.