Iraq – Election of Barham Salih as President of the Republic (3 October 2018)


France congratulates Barham Salih on his election as President of the Republic of Iraq on October 2. It wishes him the utmost success in fulfilling his duties in the service of Iraq.

France also welcomes the appointment of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, who has been tasked by the new President with forming a government.

Lastly, France applauds the smooth unfolding of the Kurdish regional elections on September 30 and hopes to see the swift formation of a regional government that will foster regional development and that of Iraq as a whole.

The smooth unfolding of the process to designate the new Iraqi authorities within the deadlines provided by the Constitution and one year after the military victory against Daesh testifies to Iraq’s recovery.

France reiterates its commitment to a sovereign, unified, federal and democratic Republic of Iraq. It stands with the Republic of Iraq and with the Iraqi people in this crucial period for the country’s future and will continue to support Iraq in its effort to combat terrorism, regain stability, bring about national reconciliation, and rebuild the country, in partnership with the new authorities.