Iraq - Announcement of the ministerial meeting on the stabilization of Mosul - Statement by Jean-Marc Ayrault (Paris, October 20, 2016)


The Iraqi forces have just initiated the military operations to liberate Mosul, with the coalition’s support. France is playing its full part in these operations. Given what is at stake, I will co-chair, together with my Iraqi counterpart, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a ministerial meeting on the stabilization of Mosul on Thursday.

More than 20 countries and organizations have been invited to attend in order to lend the necessary support to the Iraqi government. They all share the same determination to ensure that the operations to liberate Mosul guarantee, in the most effective way possible, that the threat posed by Daesh is eliminated and that they will restore freedom, peace and security to the inhabitants.

This meeting should provide an opportunity to jointly address three priorities:

(i) the protection of the civilian populations currently trapped by Daesh in Mosul and in the neighboring villages and exposed to combat zones;

(ii) the provision of aid and humanitarian assistance needed by the inhabitants of the Nineveh Plain against the backdrop of the fighting in Mosul;

(iii) the development of a plan by the Iraqi authorities to stabilize the city of Mosul and the surrounding region, and more generally the areas liberated from Daesh. The good governance of the city and its surrounding region will make it possible to respond to the aspirations of the local population in all its diversity, while respecting the unity and sovereignty of Iraq.