Saudi Arabia - Iran - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (24.11.17)


Q - Does France want to continue expanding its partnership with Saudi Arabia to the detriment of its rapprochement with Iran?

France is not choosing sides. It speaks to everyone, even though it obviously has different relationships with the countries of the region, and each of these relationships has its own history.

It is committed to peace and stability in the Middle East, a region that is key to our security. Our first objective is to reach a negotiated solution to regional crises and reduce tensions through dialogue, in respect of each party’s sovereignty.

Our historic partnership with Saudi Arabia does not prevent us from talking to Iran, which is an important actor. France is pursuing a candid political dialogue with that country, which allows us to discuss all issues of concern, including those shared by other countries in the region, and to work together to ease tensions.