Iran - Situation of Roland Marchal - Q&A - From the press briefing (16 October 2019)


Q : Can you confirm that Roland Marchal, a researcher at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, has been detained in Iran since the summer? On what grounds?

Q : Can you confirm that French diplomatic services in Baghdad had access to the second French researcher held by Iran and what did you tell the Iranian authorities following his detention?

Q : Do you have any news on the detention of Fariba Adelkhah and Roland Marchal in Iran? Has the French Embassy been able to have contact with these two people?

A : Nous confirmons que Roland Marchal est actuellement détenu par les autorités iraniennes.

We confirm that Roland Marchal is currently being detained by the Iranian authorities.

As in the case of Fariba Adelkhah, as soon as we were informed of his situation, we mobilized our efforts to gain his release.

We had the opportunity to convey our strong condemnation to the Iranian authorities and to express our desire for clarification.

We have promptly taken all possible steps to obtain the necessary information from the Iranian authorities concerning their situation and their swift release. We have demanded our right to exercise consular protection in these two cases. Our consul in Tehran has been able to visit him several times. He is receiving assistance from a lawyer.

These steps were taken in agreement with the family and loved ones. The Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs is in regular and close touch with Roland Marchal’s family and loved ones.

We hope the Iranian authorities will demonstrate transparency in this case and will act without delay to end this unacceptable situation.

The French authorities are fully mobilized and will remain so until the release of our two compatriots.