Iran – Q&A (Nov. 18, 2021)


Q: Your repeated calls for Iran to fully cooperate with the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) without delay have not had an impact. To the contrary, yesterday the IAEA issued a report on Iran’s activities, including the agency’s growing inability to monitor that country’s nuclear activities, including those at the Karaj facility. Do you believe it is necessary to push for a resolution to send a message to Iran during the Board of Governors meeting next week, or are you afraid that a strong action at the IAEA could undermine negotiations on the JCPoA later this month?

A: The conclusions of the IAEA Director General’s two reports issued yesterday, which establish Iran’s serious lack of cooperation with the Agency, are very troubling.

Iran must return to the path of cooperation, allowing the Agency to completely fulfil its mission and the mandate it was given by the UN Security Council.

It must immediately go back to abiding by its obligations toward the IAEA, resume cooperation with the Agency, and return to full implementation of the JCPoA.

The IAEA Board of Governors meeting must send a strong message to Iran in this regard.