Iran – Q&A – From the press briefing (19 November 2019)


Q: Do you believe that the nuclear agreement is in a state of brain death following the U.S. decision to end the waiver for the Fordow plant and in the wake of the latest Iranian violation, which exceeds the limit on Iran’s stock of heavy water? ?

A: France is extremely concerned by Iran’s failure to comply with its nuclear obligations, which could have serious consequences for proliferation.

Iran’s resumption of its enrichment activities at the Fordow site, with potentially serious consequences for proliferation, is another measure that attests to a regrettable acceleration in Iran’s disengagement from the Vienna agreement.

We also regret the U.S. decision, following Iran’s resumption of enrichment at the Fordow site, to end the waiver that was intended to facilitate civil projects at the site.

Preserving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) directly contributes to peace and international security and to regional stability. France therefore intends to pursue its efforts – in close cooperation with its partners – to support the agreement and establish conditions to facilitate a de-escalation in tensions. France calls on Iran to comply fully with the agreement without delay