Iran - Q&A from the press briefing (1 June 2021)


According to the most recent IAEA report, Iran is still not providing any explanation regarding the traces of processed uranium found at several undeclared nuclear sites. Three months ago, France, Germany and the United Kingdom scrapped a resolution criticizing the lack of an explanation from Iran regarding the origin of these particles. Would you like to put this resolution back on the table or should the issue of safeguards not be allowed to muddy the discussions to relaunch the nuclear deal?

We have taken note with great concern of the report by the IAEA director general regarding the implementation of safeguards in Iran. This report confirms that no progress has been made in the dialogue between Iran and the agency with respect to providing substantiated responses to the IAEA’s questions regarding the presence of undeclared nuclear material from undeclared past activities in undeclared sites. We strongly urge Iran to provide such answers as swiftly as possible. We reaffirm our full support for the independent and impartial work of the IAEA and its director general.