Iran - Q&A from the press briefing (8 September 2021)


Q: Your repeated calls to Iran to immediately and fully cooperate with the IAEA have had no effect thus far. On the contrary, the IAEA issued a report yesterday on Iran’s activities that spotlights the agency’s growing inability to monitor that country’s nuclear activities. In your opinion, if this has no consequences, could it undermine the IAEA’s credibility and that of the international community and encourage other proliferators to undertake similar activities?

Q: What actions are you considering in light of the IAEA’s alarming report on Iran’s lack of cooperation on the monitoring of its nuclear program?

A: The conclusions of the two reports issued by the Director General yesterday once again reveal a serious lack of cooperation between Iran and the IAEA and Iran’s troubling continuation of its nuclear program, including activities that have no credible civilian justification in Iran.

We are consulting closely with our partners on a response to this situation.