Iran - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (30.08.17)


Q - Does France want to supplement the Iranian nuclear deal with work on the post-2025 period focusing on the use of ballistic missiles? Is this idea realistic in the current context?

A - The agreement signed in Vienna on the Iranian nuclear program is an agreement that is key to regional and international security and for the non-proliferation regime. It imposes lasting constraints on this country’s nuclear activities. It is being implemented under the close supervision of the states that negotiated it, as well as the AIEA and member states. There is no credible alternative.

President Macron indicated on August 29 that the framework for the Vienna agreement “could be supplemented by work on the post-2025 period, by essential work on the use of ballistic missiles.” This work could be the subject of future consultations with our partners.

As President Macron reaffirmed, the 2015 agreement should make it possible to “establish a constructive and demanding relationship with Iran.” We therefore reaffirm our attachment to this agreement and do not wish to re-open or negotiate it, but implement it in a thorough and comprehensive manner. This is the context in which we intend to pursue our discussions on this issue.