Iran - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (17.07.17)


Q - President Macron discussed Iran with Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday. Can you explain what “initiate a rigorous dialogue with Israel with respect to monitoring the Iranian nuclear deal” means?

A - The Vienna agreement was concluded between the E3/ EU+3 and Iran on July 14, 2015, and has been implemented since January 16, 2016.

This first year and a half of the implementation of the agreement has been generally satisfactory but may have resulted in a few difficulties identified in the IAEA reports; for example, Iran has exceeded the heavy water limits. These implementation problems have been resolved through discussions within the framework of the Joint Commission which brings together all parties to the agreement on a quarterly basis.

President Macron reaffirmed the importance of the Vienna agreement, which France does not want to reopen or renegotiate, but rather implement in a thorough and comprehensive manner, especially with respect to the nuclear component. This requires the utmost vigilance. This has been France’s constant position since January 2016. We are also closely monitoring Iran’s implementation of UNSCR 2231, which endorses the agreement and contains important provisions, notably regarding ballistic missiles, which Iran must fully respect.

The agreement and its full implementation are of great importance to the region, including Israel. It is therefore completely natural that we maintain close dialogue with this partner with respect to monitoring the agreement.