Iran - Q&A - Excerpts from the daily press briefing (15.11.17)


Q - Federica Mogherini said yesterday that in the short term, she did not foresee a discussion at the European level on the Iranian ballistic missile program or any sanctions, if necessary, relating to this program. Is that consistent with your view of how to deal with this issue?

A- France is concerned by the continuation, at a rapid pace, of Iran’s ballistic missile program, which is not in compliance with Security Council resolution 2231 and is a source of destabilization and insecurity in the region.

In view of Iran’s ballistic activities, France wants to examine all diplomatic options: a candid political dialogue with Iran, without concessions; investigations by the UN Secretariat-General; if necessary, new European sanctions on Iranian entities or individuals involved in the ballistic missile program; and the opening of negotiations on this issue. We are consulting closely with our European partners on this issue, and with the European External Action Service.

This subject is separate from the Vienna nuclear agreement, which must be preserved as it is and rigorously implemented by all.