Iran - Q&A - Excerpt from the daily press briefing (4 September 2019)


Q : The Americans don’t seem to be ready to grant Iran exemptions for oil exports. What initial feedback do you have from the discussions?

A : The current efforts respond to a need to de-escalate tensions, shared by all stakeholders, as the discussions in Biarritz at the G7 demonstrated. As the minister reaffirmed yesterday, the process initiated in Biarritz is not yet complete. There is still a great deal to be done.

Q : Iranian President Hassan Rouhani declared this morning that his country would further reduce its commitments to the nuclear deal and that this would be the most important step. What is your response to these comments?

A : France has made efforts to de-escalate tensions. As the minister stated, the door has been left half-open. The absence of any further violation of the JCPOA and the return to full compliance with the agreement are obviously the main goals of this process. There must be no actions that could send a bad signal and interfere with efforts to de-escalate tensions.