Iran - Q&A - (25 Nov. 2021)


Q: Yesterday, in the E3 statement, you say that Iran has continued its systematic nuclear escalation, thereby permanently and irreversibly upgrading its nuclear capabilities. If these capabilities are now permanent and irreversible, doesn’t that make a completely new negotiation necessary rather than a simple return to the 2015 agreement which would be de facto insufficient?

A: I refer you to the E3 statement made to the IAEA Board of Governors yesterday.

As regards the JCPOA, our goal is clear and shared by our E3 partners and the other JCPOA participants, as well as the United States, namely to see the United States returning to the JCPOA and Iran returning to full compliance with all its commitments under the agreement. We expect the resumption of the Vienna negotiations, on 29 November, to enable swift progress on achieving this goal, on the basis negotiated during the first six sessions until Iran broke off discussions on 20 June.