Iran – Press briefing by Laurent Fabius (Lausanne, April 1, 2015)


Good evening everyone.

In the early hours of this morning, I was in Paris for the Council of Ministers’ meeting. I’m back this evening as I’d planned.

We’re a few metres or a few dozen metres from the finishing line. But, as we well know, it’s the last few metres which are always the most difficult. I’m going to try and clear them, in the knowledge that a very significant amount is at stake because this concerns the fight against nuclear proliferation, and also, in a way, Iran’s reintegration into the international community. But this hasn’t been done yet. There’s still a job to be done. So I’ve come back to try and do this job properly, in the knowledge that France’s point of view is still the same: we need an agreement, but a robust agreement, one which is verifiable. There are still a few points on which there’s progress to be made, particularly on the Iranian side.

Q. – When do you hope to conclude things?

THE MINISTER – As soon as possible. As you know, talks have been going on for a very long time, and in this final phase – I started on Saturday and it will soon be Thursday.

Q. – In what shape: a declaration, a signed agreement…?

THE MINISTER – If we succeed, it will be a draft agreement because at any rate there will be some extra work to be done between now and the end of June. If we succeed in agreeing, there will be a concrete project but we haven’t reached that exact stage yet. So I’m off to work with my colleagues. Thank you.