Iran/Nuclear issue – Q&A from the press briefing (16 Jun. 20)


Q: What does France expect from the meeting of IAEA governors following the last IAEA report showing that Iran continues to refuse access to sites that could have conducted clandestine nuclear activities in the 2000s?

A: Like every other nation to which the IAEA sends a request for access, Iran must respond promptly and unconditionally to allow IAEA inspectors to ascertain the absence of undeclared nuclear activities and materials on its soil. This is essential to preserving the IAEA’s authority and the strength of its verification regime.

The IAEA Board of Governors, which is meeting this week in Vienna, will examine the Director General’s report on this matter. Our goal, along with that of our British and German partners, is to see the Council express its support for the professional, impartial work of the Director General and the Agency, and to call on Iran to cooperate fully and promptly with the IAEA, particularly by granting the requested access.