Iran - Nuclear issue - Q&A from the press briefing (1 April 2021)


Q : What are the measures that the participants in the JCPoA are currently developing to bring the United States and Iran back to the 2015 agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue?

A : Working closely with our E3 partners as well as Moscow and Beijing, we are determined to find a diplomatic solution that allows Iran to resume respect for its nuclear commitments and the United States to return to the agreement as swiftly as possible. We are engaged in ongoing discussions with Washington and Tehran in that regard.

These talks are all the more necessary in that Iran has not agreed to take part in the direct contacts between the other JCPoA participants and the United States proposed a month and a half ago by the EEAS, which would have facilitated the discussions. Thanks to our efforts, we and our partners hope to effectively establish alternative formats.

The situation is very troubling. Iran is continuing its serious violations of the JCPoA while, for more than a month, limiting the IAEA’s verification and surveillance capabilities.