Iran - JCPoA - Q&A from the press briefing (2 Sept. 20)


Q: Contrary to the statement of February 24, following up on the JCPoA Joint Commission, the statement issued on September 1 makes no reference to the concerns of certain parties to the agreement with regard to Iran’s implementation of its commitments to the nuclear agreement. There’s also no mention of the dispute resolution mechanism. Was that mechanism swept under the rug, and don’t you think that Iran’s activities since you triggered it have been more troubling?

A: As we and our E3 partners (Germany and the United Kingdom) emphasized in statements issued on June 19 and August 20, France is deeply concerned by the nuclear measures taken by Iran in violation of its commitments under the JCPoA. France once again expressed its concern over those violations at the meeting of the JCPoA Joint Commission on September 1 and called on Iran to resume its full compliance with the agreement without delay.

France is determined to preserve the JCPoA and to continue the dialogue conducted within the framework of the Joint Commission and the Dispute Resolution Mechanism to ensure that Iran complies with the stipulations of that agreement.