Iran – Death penalty (August 16, 2017)


France condemns the execution in Iran, on August 10, of Alireza Tajiki, a minor at the time of the events and at the time of his sentencing, and expresses its concerns about reports of the imminent execution of Mehdi Bohlouli, also sentenced to death when he was a juvenile.

This execution is contrary to the international commitments that Iran itself has signed on to, particularly the international Convention on the Rights of the Child. It is also a step backward with respect to the positive developments we have seen on human rights in Iran, most notably the Iranian Parliament’s adoption of a law on August 13 limiting the scope of the death penalty.

France reiterates its unwavering opposition to the death penalty throughout the world and in all circumstances. It encourages Iran to continue its efforts and to establish a moratorium with a view to its abolition.