Guinea - Q&A from the press briefing (28 October 2020)


Q: The Guinean election held on October 18 has been criticized for irregularities. What is France’s position?

A: France took note of the Independent National Election Commission’s announcement of the provisional results of the first round of the presidential election in Guinea on October 24. France, which had already expressed its concern over the non-consensual nature of the electoral slate, shares the doubts expressed by the EU with respect to the credibility of the results, which will have to be released in a transparent manner as part of an inclusive dialogue and in keeping with the law.

France strongly condemns the violence that has taken place in the country since the vote. It calls for independent investigations to obtain justice for the victims. It urges all Guinean actors to behave responsibly and exercise the utmost restraint.

France underscores the importance of guaranteeing the freedoms of movement and expression to all political figures and the importance of allowing unfettered access to the means of communication.

Together with its European partners, France encourages and supports initiatives that will be undertaken by Guinea’s regional and international partners to promote a dialogue between the parties and swiftly ease tensions.