Guinea – End of Ebola epidemic – Statement by Annick Girardin (December 29, 2015)


France notes with satisfaction the WHO’s statement certifying the end of the Ebola epidemic in Guinea.

I want to express my solidarity to the affected families and congratulate the Guinean authorities and health officials who relentlessly combated this epidemic for more than 18 months.

In an urgent situation, France mobilized to stand alongside Guinea, together with its international partners – the WHO, the UN, but also NGOs whose swift response helped save many lives.

This latest stage is crucial: Guinea must recover economically from this ordeal, rebuild its healthcare system, and obtain instruments that help it respond more effectively in the event of a new epidemic. France will play a major role in this effort, notably through the French Development Agency, Inserm and the IRD, which are monitoring most of the survivors, and the Pasteur Institute.

France is also making health a top priority in its development assistance and playing an active role in current discussions at the UN, the WHO, and the EU on establishing a health crisis response system.